College Planning Strategies

Whether it’s for college, grad school, or a continuing education program, everyone knows that getting an education these days is very expensive. So at some point, you may need a loan to pay for school—whether it's for your child, for your grandchild, or even for continuing education for yourself. As a dentist, physician or business owner, you may be concerned that paying for that education can hurt your chances of retiring when you want.

When you work with Dotch Financial & Insurance Services, we can help you plan for college expenses ahead of time by maximizing an option that will help you save for college, pay for college and over time, gives you the opportunity use the cash value as supplement retirement income, usually on a tax-free bases. We make sure to educate our clients on why a college education is critically important, how much a degree costs today and how that cost may change, where to find “free” college money, and valuable resources you can lean on for more information and assistance.

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