Capital Accumulation & Protection

At Dotch Financial and Insurance Services, Inc., we pride ourselves in helping clients with their tax diversification* strategies. We believe there are three "T"s in business: Today, Taxes and Tomorrow! Let us help you protect your practice or business today, reduce and save income taxes, and sell your business or practice while reducing capital gain and estate taxes tomorrow!

Capital Accumulation and Protection in Dental Practice

If a dentist adequately address six key areas, his or capital accumulation and protection plan may be optimized within that dentist’s means. However, if a dentist fails to adequately address any one key area, significant losses may result from that area. Dentists should address these key areas to help optimize gains and minimize threat to capital.

  • Income Tax Reduction
  • Asset Protection
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Protection
  • Capital Risk
  • Estate Planning

What is your largest expense?

Take a look at the graphic below. As a dentist, physician or business owner, your financial plan and objectives live on that boat on the left side, and your ultimate goal is reaching your financial objectives on the right! Your boat must navigate some tricky obstacles, and we can help you with charting your course. By learning about your unique situation, and showing you that we understand what you’re going through, we’re able to help carefully guide you through the hills and rough waters until you reach your financial objectives.

What is your largest expense?

To learn more about how we can help diversify* your tax strategy:

*Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against market loss